The Tango of Free Radicals, Oxygen and Antioxidants

Everywhere we look there’s antioxidant this and free radical that. But what do these terms really mean for you and your skin’s appearance? And how do they affect your skin’s health?

To truly understand the process of aging – and to stop the damage that free radicals can do to your skin in its tracks – you’ll need a quick (and easy, I promise) chemistry lesson.

The healthy cells in your body are made up of stable and balanced atoms. Stable atoms are happy atoms and they have an even number of electrons. These happy atoms dance around with other evenly balanced atoms, always in sync. They join forces with each other to become molecules. Molecules are the building blocks of our bodies’ cells. That’s right, every cell you have is chuck-full of molecules, and all of your body’s tissues are comprised of cells.

Enter our chemistry lesson’s villain (and cue the suspenseful music). Not all atoms have an even number of electrons. When an atom has an odd number of electrons it’s called a free radical. This high-energy, unruly atom has the kind of dance moves that don’t just clear the dance floor, they knock the other dancers on their butts. Free radicals bounce around, making the dance floor (and your skin) a hectic environment. They steal electrons from happy dancers, transforming the stable atoms into free radicals, increasing the chaos.

It’s a harmful cycle with serious implications for your skin’s health. All of this commotion damages cells and is believed to cause disease and accelerate the signs of aging.

Oxygen is good – except when it’s very very bad. Oxygen is everywhere and that’s a great thing because we need it to survive. But when an oxygen atom is the victim of one of these pillaging free radicals and loses an electron, it doesn’t just become an ordinary free radical. It becomes a super-charged free radical, called the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). When environmental stress levels are high – think sunbathing without SPF or strolling down a polluted city street – the Reactive Oxygen Species multiply rapidly. These mega-destructive free radicals are thought to play a key role in cell damage and aging.

Have no fear, free radical fighters are here! Antioxidants are the superheroes in our chemistry primer. They fight free radicals by neutralizing their threat. They give these atoms the extra electron they crave and then bam: the free radicals become happy, even-numbered atoms that are able to join forces with each other and repair cell damage.

The best news? Antioxidants don’t become free radicals by giving away an electron. They’re snappy dancers whether they are even or odd numbered. They’re the life of the party and just happy to be invited.

We know that eating foods rich with antioxidants is vital for our health. Think of this as an inside-out means of delivering antioxidants to your skin. We also know that using topical products that contain antioxidants is not only good for the health of your skin, but necessary to retain, and in some cases rebuild, your youthful appearance – see ya, Mr. and Mrs. Robinsons! This outside-in delivery of antioxidants is crucial in reversing the damage free radicals cause.

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Using skin care focused on promoting healthy skin and neutralizing the effects of free radicals is essential. Tu’el has combined natural ingredients, the best in cosmetic chemistry and decades of research to develop products that cleanse, tone, protect and nourish your skin.

Our powerful serums work on the molecular level to fight free radicals and reverse damage. Our C Power serum packs the meanest antioxidant punch with potent doses of antioxidants Vitamin C and Green Tea. We use Chelated Vitamin C so the antioxidant is stable longer for maximum delivery into your skin. Green Tea fights free radicals as it repairs and strengthens. Our formula will help reduce fine lines, strengthen skin and vanquish free radicals, reversing the signs of aging and keeping you at your best.

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Here’s to the fight against free radicals and keeping you gorgeous!

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